Virtualize to modernize

If your mission-critical systems are running on outdated legacy hardware, your organization is at risk of downtime and increased cost.

There is a solution to this challenge.

Our Charon® Emulation software seamlessly virtualizes your legacy SPARC, VAX, Alpha, or HP 3000 & 9000 systems, eliminating the cost and time needed to manage hardware and rewrite software. No reengineering is required because our unique software makes it possible to run your application without change on its native operating system on-prem, in the cloud or via a hybrid model. 

With Stromasys, you can lift and shift your mission-critical systems to modern hardware without rewriting your code. Dramatically reduce organizational risk and eliminate maintenance and operating costs associated with legacy hardware. Stromasys has proven partnerships with all the major cloud providers, including Google, AWS, Oracle, and Azure, as well as experienced integrators and migration specialists. 

For more than 20 years, Stromasys has provided the world's leading organizations a better way to break free from the growing risks associated with legacy hardware. Find out how we can help you Leave Your Legacy™

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